Website Case Study: Real Estate Writer

From AWOL Designer to Stunning Luxury Website in 5 Days

Tracy was at her wit’s end.

For over a month she had been trying to get her designer to finish her website. He was taking weeks to respond, even over the simplest of changes.

She needed this website to go live. Tracy could picture her prospects visiting her old, outdated site and running away with their hair on fire.

Finding a New Solution

Firing her designer was the first step, but Tracy still needed help.

“I put out another job listing on Upwork hoping I might find someone more on-the-ball.”

Tracy ended up on the phone with Celia Triplett. As a professional writer Tracy had all her content and just needed someone who could help her get all the pieces in the right place.

She hired Celia on Monday. On Wednesday the first draft of Tracy’s website was ready for review.

“There were some minor edits that I got on the phone about, but overall it looked amazing!”

A few short edits and the website was done by Friday – the same week of the hire.

This was a far cry from the previous designer who only answered an email after four days of poking and prodding.

The site was perfect; simple, sleek, beautiful and polished. Just what Tracy wanted her luxury real estate clients to see.  She closed out her contract and wished Celia well.

Then Disaster Struck

Tracy had her IT guru move the URL to the new website.

“It was launched, and I was ecstatic, except… all the PDF files were showing up with ‘static1.squarepsace’ in the links and weren’t showing my PDF names! I spent hours painstakingly putting those names together for SEO. I was afraid I’d lost all that work.”

She was ready to rip out her hair.

Crisis Averted

Sending a query via the closed Upwork contract, in minutes Tracy had her answer. Celia reviewed the site, made all the contacts with Squarespace for Tracy and determined It wouldn’t affect her search engine results and it wasn’t changing the PDF name when prospects downloaded her sample PDFs.

“She was even there for my “aftercare” questions. I love her sleuthing talent. Celia is a true professional … smart, excellent communicator, delivers above and beyond expectations.”

If you’re looking for someone who is there for you both before and after a design project. Who is swift in communicating and savvy in marketing. Sent and invitation to Celia Triplett with your next Upwork job post.